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Two cats for breed in a small area. War and Peace.

Whether two producers will get along in the same territory will depend on their nature.

If the animals are aggressive, obviously, obviously there will be no peace! And if two girls, having divided the territory, can sometimes fight, albeit in a playful way, then it is more difficult with boys.Most likely two males in one house do not get along.Breeders note that even an affectionate non-targeting cat, when he moves in with him (in the house where he is an established owner), begins to go crazy, becomes aggressive, pisses everything around, and the guest begins to repeat after him and so on in a circle.Having sealed the males in bodysuits (so as not to be marked), the breeder recorded fights without rules. I had to look for one of them, look for a new home.Often, male producers have a negative attitude towards kittens, boys older than 4 months, while aggression is not observed towards a girl.However, there is a known case when 4 males lived peacefully in one house, but after the 5th house moved to them, the house went crazy, the cats began to shit in the wrong places until the guest left the house.There is no way to guess, only by trial and error.