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Treatment of diarrhea in cats

Initially, the problem should be identified: diarrhea can cause a change in feed, animal disease, helminthic invasion. 

This material will provide information from the social. diarrhea networks. If it is not possible to consult a doctor, you can use these schemes, at your own peril and risk. ,

Remember that cats need to be given an antihelminthic every three months and before vaccination. 

If there is a problem, the feces should be analyzed for parasites.

Control scheme: First you need to give all cats anthelmintics at the same time, preferably different ones, twice, with an interval of 10 days, except for the smallest ones. 

Then tinidazole to everyone who is older than 3 months. If they are small, but weighing more than 2 kg, 1/4 for five days. 3-4 kg the first day 1/2, then 1/4, who is more than 4 kg for half a tablet for five days. Small furazolidone by weight for a week (15 mg / kg). Approximately 1/6 twice a day for a kitten weighing 1kg. 

If there are problems with the stool in the nursery, we start with furazolidone and tinidazole, then an anthelmintic. Small, like sticking our nose into a tray, we give five days a crumb of furazolidone twice a day, we add it to complementary foods. 

Vetom 1/1 weeks 2-3 Wash and clean the tray as often as possible.