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Strongly flowing one eye in kitten - what to do?

In case of health problems in a kitten and an adult cat, the best solution is to contact a veterinarian for help, but if help is not available, you can find treatment tips from social networks. networks. But remember that self-medication can both help and harm. 

Discussion of the problem by users in social networks: 

L: If possible, drip Levomycetin eye drops (people pharmacy), just drip warm and both eyes. Do no harm with these drops. We have been using it for our cats for 12 years. 

B: We have a similar problem with nutrition, it is worth analyzing and changing nutrition 

N: Ours is like that too. We wipe our eyes with myrrh every day. It's because of the food. But since he only eats medicinal food, she resigned herself. We follow the eyes and everything. 

A: Take it to the vet - it's a tear duct problem. They will clean it, maybe they will tell you what replenishment and antibiotics will be prescribed. 

M: Sodium chloride 0.9%, floxal and after 15 minutes Korneregel, 4-6 repetitions per day. If there is no improvement in the situation, visit the veterinarian for an appointment.