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Nutrition in the life of the Devon Rex. Two-time or free access?

The Devon Rex breed, like many others, is very voracious. Though I can't say the same for my cats.

 Breeders note, and veterinarians often recommend, feeding pets in small portions, observing the daily allowance indicated on the feed, which depends on both the age, weight and life cycle of the animal.

Many people wonder if it is possible to feed twice a day?!Having studied the information on the Internet, including our own observations, it becomes clear that feeding twice a day has a couple of disadvantages.Firstly, cats fill their stomach too much in one feeding,Secondly, too long a gap between feeders can cause them discomfort and give them a feeling of hunger.If we talk about producers, cats in the location, breeders often give constant access to food.In our cattery, the girl Daisy always eats not more than one-time portions, often leaves, but the girl Stormy, having eaten her own, takes away the meal for others, sometimes without waiting for the table neighbor to finish the meal.If we talk about castrates: then boys often eat food uncontrollably with subsequent obesity, girls less often.Constancy and timely distribution of food also disciplines pets, they will know that at a certain time they will receive a certain amount of food, they will not eat just out of boredom feeding their priests.In addition, freshly poured food is always tastier, it is not oxidized and not weathered - even if it is dry.Advice:If you do not have the opportunity to feed your pet often, use automatic feeders and feed him at least 4 times a day, and preferably 5 times. Inexpensive representatives in the review on our YouTube channel.Cats are wild animals, the Devon-Rex breed is very active, our pets move a lot, so 2 meals a day for our pets is not applicable due to the large interval between feedings.