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Kitten in the house, how to prepare?

Devon Rex kittens, like any other cats, love to play and are curious, so you should prepare accordingly for the arrival of a new family member.

 There is no guarantee that they will not spoil anything in the house, it is worth hiding all the small items that the kitten can knock over, break, gnaw at least for the first time. This will protect both the kitten (because it can get hurt) and your valuables - why get upset?! 

 Children in the house and a kitten are a different story:More than once in various sources it was emphasized that the relationship between a kitten and a child depends on the CHILD, and not on the kitten.For a kitten, it makes no difference who is in front of him, a child, an adult or an elderly person, any person is his owner.If a child causes inconvenience, stress, pain to a kitten, then it will definitely not work to make friends with him. This does not mean that the child will intentionally do the wrong thing.It should be explained that rolling a kitten in a stroller, wrapping it in a sheet, trying on doll outfits, playing mother's daughters or playing pirates with a water pistol is unlikely to give a kitten pleasure.It is adults who should explain and show how to play with a kitten, how to pick it up correctly, play not with your hands, but, for example, with scarves from the store.As practice shows, the best toy is a rope with a bow, or various fluffs that can be found in any online store for every color and taste. Also, kittens love different balls, be it special ones, or something simpler from paper, foil, although we do not recommend using foil, as they will bite off small pieces and swallow them - but the foil is still metal.A kitten, like a small child, needs an eye and an eye. Remember that up to a year of a cat's life, this is a kitten / teenager, with its own character. He needs to be educated, cared for, shown love.If you don't have time for training, consider getting an adult cat that has been bred. This is already an adult, educated animal with a well-established character, knows the toilet, scratching post, what is good, what is bad.You can definitely decide whether you like its color and the degree of pubescence - kittens are finally formed, as a rule, by the year, the fur coat is up to 2 years old.In practice, spayed kittens coat faster, and, as noted by some breeders, these individuals are healthier if there are no problems with overeating.