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How to pick a kitten?

The main advice - what you like and take it. 

Focus on your feelings. Do not focus on the curls and the thickness of the fur coat, it is formed by the year, finally by two years!And if the color usually does not change, then with a fur coat for good luck. But if the kitten grows in love, eats right and does not get sick, the fur coat will appear at its best.Of course, ideally, the Devon should have big ears and curly hair, but the problem is that when you choose a kitten at the age of 2-4 months, he undresses, changing a children's coat to an adult one. Therefore, there may not be curls at all, but the more undercoat, the greater the likelihood of high-quality curls.Of course, you should pay attention to the environment, to those people with whom the mother-cat lives, and the kids are brought up. On the hygiene of the premises, on trust and contact between pets and owners.Look at the cat. whether she is obedient, all Devons are active until old age, and their character already depends on education. Recall that Devons are easily trained in various commands, they are very smart.Many note that boys are more playful and affectionate. Good luck with your choice!