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Not enough wool at 3 months

Wool in a Devon Rex cat can develop by a year or even later.

As a rule, breeders predict what kind of wool will be, but of course no one will give a guarantee.Of course, you need to look at the parents. If the parents have good hair, then the kitten will also have good hair - but this is not certain :) read more here! As a rule, by 4-5 months the plumage of the baby is already becoming clear, by 6-7 months one cat (from one litter) may already have a well-developed undercoat in another delay. Look at this video, the difference in the development of two sisters.Breeders note that sometimes curly kittens at 3 months old grow weaker in phenotype.Advice:The only 100% way to decide on the six, color and character of the devon-rex is to take an adult cat out of breeding into the family.