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Epilepsy in cats happens!

Breeder's opinion S. A 

Epilepsy in cats can be primary (congenital, genetically determined) and secondary (acquired), that is, caused by other disorders. Veterinarians name a wide variety of reasons, offer examinations and MRI. Only one reason I have never heard from the lips of veterinarians. There is also very little written about her in Internet sources. Of the seven cats I know who are not related to each other, two suffered this pathology, that is, thirty percent of cats! Therefore, we can say that this problem occurs very often. I'm talking about hepatic encephalopathy. Veterinarians believe that hepatic encephalopathy can only occur with severe liver damage, and therefore these cats should have seriously altered liver blood counts. However, my cats had normal liver values, with only one slightly elevated ALT and the other anemic. Since I am also a doctor, only a human one, I had to deal with this problem myself. The cause of hepatic encephalopathy is that cats have a congenital feature - a blood vessel between the hepatic artery, which carries blood to the liver to cleanse waste from the body, and the hepatic vein, which carries already purified blood from the liver to the body. Normally, this vessel is blocked, there is no blood supply through it. So, under various unfavorable conditions for the cat's liver (feeding with low-quality food, antibiotic therapy, love for sweets from the human table, intestinal dysbacteriosis, lack of vitamins, etc.), this vessel (shunt) opens, and unpurified blood enters the body again, that is, as it were, is reset to reduce the load on the liver. Poisoning occurs, including intoxication with ammonia entering the bloodstream from the intestines during the digestion of food. The consequence of this is encephalopathy (brain poisoning with ammonia). Clinically, this can only manifest itself as a convulsive syndrome. I met convulsions in the form of torsion around its axis and in a circle, and extended epileptic seizures with loss of consciousness. The number of attacks increases in a short time (days or weeks) from one to 12-14 attacks per day. The animal can quickly die. After the veterinarian sees relatively normal tests, he will offer an MRI, and anesthesia will finish this animal. If infectious leukemia or coronavirus is detected in studies, then the treatment of these diseases will also lead to additional intoxication and death of the cat. Treatment of hepatic encephalopathy is not difficult, and the sooner it is started, the more likely it is to save the cat. The goal is to minimize the amount of ammonia in the blood and stop seizures.1. First of all, convulsions must be stopped, since they are very dangerous for the brain and life of the animal. Corvaltab is used in veterinary practice. It contains phenobarbital. It is an anticonvulsant drug. Give Corvaltab 1/3 or 1/2 tablet twice a day, be sure to take it. My cats (weight 3.8 kg.) needed 1/3 twice a day. They carried it very well. A day later, the convulsions stopped. Give on canned food (Royal Canin Renal Feline wet food, or any other wet food specially formulated for cats with hepatic encephalopathy). The food can be ground with a fork into a pate and wrap the medicine in it. Purina Pro Plan FortiFlora Feline Probiotic supplementary food for adult cats and kittens, or any other complementary nutritional supplements for cats that restore the intestinal microflora, can be added to improve taste. This will reduce the smell of medicine from the food, making the food tastier for the cat. It is not necessary to add a whole bag of nutritional supplements, you can add a little. 

Korvaltab should be given for a long time, maybe even several months. You don't need to cancel abruptly. It is recommended to reduce the dose gradually - when the animal already looks healthy, transfer to 1/4 twice a day, a week later - another crumb less, and so on. Reduce the dose of Corvaltab gradually, at intervals of a week, maintaining the multiplicity (2 times a day).2. Glutargin. You can buy at a regular pharmacy. It is a drug that inactivates and removes toxins and ammonia from the body. Tablets 0.25, 1/4 tablet 2 times a day, for at least 14 days, and until the symptoms of intoxication disappear. Also with wet kidney. Do not grind the tablets with food, but simply wrap them in it, crushing them into several pieces, adding fortiflora to make it tastier.3. Switch to Royal Canin Renal Feline, or any other wet food specially formulated for cats with hepatic encephalopathy. It is both dry and wet. As a result of the digestion of this food, a minimum of ammonia is formed in the intestines, any other food can lead to the formation of a large amount of ammonia and its absorption from the intestines into the blood, and the repetition of attacks. Normolact or Dufalac (these are human medicines) 2-4 ml. twice a day. Delicious if diluted with 10% sour cream at room temperature. The medicine has a mild laxative effect, therefore, with a strong loosening of the stool, take a break in taking it, or reduce the dose. Normolact and Dufalac adsorb ammonia in the intestines, preventing it from being absorbed, and contribute to the development of normal intestinal flora, and also prevent the development of constipation in a cat. Even a little of this drug will improve the cat's condition. If your cat has hepatic encephalopathy, it will improve before your eyes in a few days of such treatment. If after a week there is no improvement, then the reason is probably something else. In any case, there will be no harm from such treatment, you see, everything here is aimed at detoxifying the body and stopping seizures. Health to all cats!