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The daily norm of food "for one tooth". What to do?

There are two options for the development of the situation:1st Feed in the public domain. Always a full bowl of food.

Kitten eats as much as he likes.But you need to clearly understand that most likely this will lead to obesity with possible health complications, the only plus is that the pet will not beg for food. Of the minuses: weathered food, the likelihood of obesity is too high.It should also be noted that in a cattery (where there are many animals of different ages, physical activity, health, the fact of free access to food will most likely have negative consequences, since the effect of competition will force cats, cats and kittens to eat until they crack.2nd Compliance with the norms / portions of the manufacturer. 

 You can always try to give more, but be sure to monitor the physical condition of the devon-rex pet and, in case of obesity, put on a diet (which is extremely difficult), increasing physical activity.