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Devon-Rex and allergy sufferers

Devon Rex. Like the Cornish Rex, some people also recommend the Devon Rex as one of the best cat breeds for people with allergies. Its wavy coat doesn't tend to shed much, which minimizes the spread of dander and other allergens in your home.

The fact that Devons do not cause allergies is a stereotype, there is an allergy to this breed, but according to the comments of many Internet users, it is much less common.

Allergies can be both to wool and to protein, however, due to the poorly developed coat and well-developed undercoat, the likelihood of allergies is lower. The allergen (protein fel D1) is contained in the cat's saliva, due to the small amount of wool, the Devons carry them less around the apartment.There are recommendations to start a pure white color, without patterns and shades, supposedly white representatives of the breed have less active allergens.Breeders note that there are many allergic people among their clients, and cats bring pleasure and not health problems.According to the observations of breeders, allergies appear in 1 out of 10 allergic people (future owners).Therefore, you can get an allergic representative of the Devon Rex, but be careful! Preliminary contact with the animal is recommended. You can take a compatibility test by asking the breeder for some saliva and kitten hair - this will help to avoid unpleasant situations in the future.A separate resting place is recommended for the cat.