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Conflicts between cats in the house

Discussion of the problem by users in social networks: 

I have a cat, she has always been quite adequate, it was friends with those three who came before it and was friends with the dog. But a new one has appeared. And this one did not like her, the new one. She tracks her down and attacks her, practically kills her, we intervene. In addition, she began to crap just everywhere on the floor defiantly. Somatic health is in order, everything is checked. If we isolate her in a room, she goes to the potty regularly, it’s worth releasing her into common squares, crap and bully a brand new one. It's been like this for 2 months now. By the way, a month ago, another newcomer came, she has a usual attitude to this one, not love, but there is no aggression either. In general, there is no aggression towards other cats, people and dogs, only this one. The new one is terrified of her, of course, the first one never climbs. Keeping her isolated is also not an option. Are there any algorithms for solving this problem? All cats are in breeding, brand new teenagers and have not yet experienced periods of sexual hunting. Ways to solve the problem from network users:E: Feed together so tasty that one will forget about fear, the other about hatred 

T: Teenagers would not be kept with adults with aggression. The forces are not equal. When they grow up, they can already stand up for themselves, well, they yelled and dispersed. According to the algorithm, at first I keep them in neighboring rooms, only the smell is new, they get used to it. Then into a large room, where everyone has their own set of everything. Then they themselves gradually approach each other, if not, then each returns to itself. And so the distance gradually decreases, and then they already sleep in the same couch. At that age, no acquaintance would be forced at all. And in the older one, even a cage or an aviary can be used (temporarily!) As an element of protection. The cat, as it were, is, but you can’t offend her. Over time, it will become uninteresting. 

Q: I put a blanket on the aggressor, tied it quite tightly, so that it would not be overtightened, of course, but also that it would be sooooo uncomfortable to attack. About a month in a blanket, but it helped me. She really moved on half-bent, it was painful to look at it, but it was worse to watch how she threw herself at a new cat. The most important thing helped and for 5 months now peace in the house 

Q: I have five, but the eldest of the harem has been driving the second one for four years already, and the rest don’t care about her, well, growls or rushes, they just pass by. But with the second, when the war between them is with me, I take it both of them, I talk to them, stroke them at the same time and explain to them ... even if it doesn’t work for a long time, but there is at least some result. 

L: I did too. The newcomer had to look for a new home. But my first cat didn’t do any harm, only drove the new one, intimidated her to hell, she was afraid to get out from under the sofa. 

Q: Oh, I had the same situation, the very first cat just killed one, I had to give the first one away, I tried a bunch of options to make them friends and it didn’t work out. But she did not stop at one cat, she began to frighten me and the young future breeding cat. 

L: Provocateurs, you need to remove the eternal hemorrhoids from the kennel. Take care of your nerves and other members of the pride in the best case, "a cat for one mating"

N: another option. as soon as it starts to spread rot, pull it with a thin twig on the ass. It worked great for me personally. For two times, aggression turned into love. 

A: We have large cages. And if they start to fight, the aggressor is locked upYu: I have all the animals divided into three groups, according to the principle "who gets along with whom." Quite often I do raking, but not allowing the aggressor to meet his victim. Everyone communicates with each other, except for two couples. 

A: It was the opposite with us, I bought a new cat, she was 8 months old, so she gave nightmares to all my cats, they were in shock, everyone lived together, and then fifa arrived and sets the order.)) We isolated her in her bedroom, so she told us she began to shit on the bed, they thought time would pass, she would calm down, everything would get better, but she lived for almost a year, not a damn thing, gave birth to kittens, they left one girl, she had to be attached. But the girls will repeat all their mother's oversights, but this is not accurate. 

G: I began to practice locking the cats in the room one by one. The old one sits ok, the sad one is scary only. And the new one, who the victim does not put up with imprisonment, began to ignore the pot in this room. And completely ignore, pissing on my things. Because this is my office, she pissed in the printer, in the boxes, well, my laptop was the apogee, thank God they pulled out all the memory, the computer was thrown into a landfill. Therefore, I understood everything well, it will not work to lock the new one. 

L: I have one newcomer yelling at everyone and throwing herself. Tired of me, put on her Collar Relaxivet. A week later, everything returned to normal, everyone lives in peace and harmony, sleep together. I'd put collars on both if I were you. Even if it doesn't help, it won't hurt anyone.

A: Cats live in a world of smells. You can try the following option: Stroke the whiskers of one - stroke the second and vice versa. Buy perfume, at the withers of both. Naturally, at the same time, we try to separate them for a while at least with a partition. It is possible, as advised, to alternate their stay in the aviary. We bathe with the same shampoo. You can also alternate their food bowls. 

A: The key concept, in my opinion, is keeping in small friendly groups. There is a natural hierarchy in the pride. There are status cats. Remove one, another will appear. Everyone has the same situation as soon as the number of cats is more than 2-3, you have to deal with civil strife. By the way, the hierarchical ladder also changes according to the situation, the giving birth cat has a higher status. This means a revision of positions. In most cases, it doesn’t come to open fights and self-mutilation, so looks, postures, sounds. But there are also fighting ladies .. There are cats that live normally in a herd, there are loners who do not like any company. There is no unequivocal solution. If a cat is valuable in a breed, then you need to adapt. If you endured the whole brain and it's not worth it, then we say goodbye to castrim and pet on the pillow. Strong suppression can result in infertility, and all sorts of other troubles and various diseases due to stress. Why is this a growing mother? I always reason like this, the cat doesn’t owe me anything, I put her in this situation. By decision I achieve peace, not a stressful atmosphere. Separation and formation of small friendly groups. Separate mothers are sacred, adolescents are always separated from adults until they gain strength, flowing and ready to mate with a cat, pregnant in a calm atmosphere where she is alone and not nervous about the territory. The nursery requires space. There should be enough space for comfortable maintenance, which is not a problem for us (and for you). The main thing is to divide interest groups and divide territories. And how is it all individually. 

A: I spent more than half a year with such a wild rose. sometimes she shared, then she didn’t interfere, then she interfered, then she fed together, then separately (the devil was too good, many plans were connected with her). She couldn’t stand it. Castrila and attached. Since then, I have felt what happiness it is to live in silence, peace and peace. 

A: Try Feliway multicat. It plugs into an outlet like an air freshener. Only there are pheromones. I used it when a cat came to us and one of my cats disliked him. After a couple of months everything returned to normal. 

T: Now such an alpha female will fatten her up and I will be castrated, I endured for a long time and lived separately. This is not comfortable for me, and the depressed cat did not flow for a long time. She separated from everyone, two swords raised her status with love and no stress on the advice of the veterinarian, to whom she went with this problem. Does not flow, is everything in order by ultrasound. Everything was in order. Flowed gave birth to the glory of God. Castrate the brawler. 

Q: It was the same for me. A new one arrived and the head really got very jealous of her. She put the new one in a large carrier for a couple of hours and left it in the room with everyone, then the older cat in the same carrier, then changed places, did this for a long time, maybe even for several months. Now there are no fights (more precisely, beatings), the eldest now ignores her, but this is better than when she killed or tried to get at least somehow with her paw. A small kind-hearted child, she helped her children raise, feed, wash. But from time to time I remove the older cat from the common room so that everyone can rest from her and she is away from everyone. Most of all, the eldest cat rejoices in this, she simply dreams of being alone, the most beloved, but I can’t give her away either. That's how we live.