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What is the best food for Devon Rex?

There are two options: natural food and dry food, each with its own pros and cons.

Which option to choose depends of course on the owner, his possibilities, both financial and temporary.Now there is a lot of dry food of the highest quality, so it is hardly advisable to “bother” with natural food if you have one cat for pleasure. But, of course, the choice is up to the owner of the pet.In the case of dry food, there is no clear answer which is better. Even the breeders of the devon rex breed have different opinions about the world's brands of food.Some fit, others don't.If you have just acquired a Devon, follow the advice of the breeder from whom you buy a kitten, and stick to the food on which he was raised.It is not recommended to use several feeds at the same time. Cats don't need variety. They need a consistent, balanced diet.Of course, if you bought a kitten and he is allergic, or you do not have the opportunity to buy the food on which he grew up, you will have to spend time and effort looking for a new full-fledged food, as well as taste. As they say in taste and color, there are no comrades!Nevertheless, there are situations, after a year or two, the pet has allergic reactions, or other problems, even when feeding exceptionally good dry food. Feeding natural food also does not eliminate the above problems.In this case, a consultation with a veterinarian, blood tests/analyses, and appropriate measures should be taken. And even the search for a new, suitable food.The most popular dry food among breeders and owners of the Devon-Rex breed: Josera, Go, Now, Grandorf, Farmina, Hills. 

But even if your pet is friends with dry food, then once a year (especially for cats and cats manufacturers) it is recommended to do a general blood test and biochemistry.Regarding servings, you should adhere to the dosage indicated on the packages. In different feeds, from different manufacturers, daily norms can vary significantly. Therefore, do not be too lazy to study the instructions on the back of the package.The amount of feed per day depends on the age, life span, and weight of the animal.It is especially worth monitoring the nutrition of sterile cats, because. they are more prone to obesity, which often causes health problems in the future.If you want to pamper your pet, which eats exclusively dry food, you can give him pieces of frozen duck once a week, it is categorically not recommended to give raw, especially boiled chicken breast.Bon appetit, your pet!